A comprehensive fleet of transport vehicles for parcels, pallets and freight up to 10 tonne payload (18 tonne GVW) with tail-lift and curtain side vehicle lorries. We hold a Ministry of Transport “Operators Licence” which assures you of a genuine and reliable service.
Our transport service is for UK and Europe and we operate with tracker facilities for monitoring and security.

By Air

We offer very competitive prices and excellent service for worldwide delivery of parcels and letters. Delivery times vary according to continent and country and then according to city or rural locations. Be sure to obtain an estimated day of arrival before dispatching time sensitive items. Also, read our “General Information for Shipping” below.

International On Board Courier

For international time sensitive or high value small parcels or documents we provide a “courier on board flight” service to worldwide destinations, subject to any restrictions that may be in place in country of destination. We send a dedicated courier for collection and delivery in the quickest possible time door to door.

International Mail

Bulk despatch of international mail. Our services and prices in this field are proven to be the best. For subscription services, marketing or sales we can provide a bulk mail service with a full reporting structure to help you control costs and minimise waste.

By Sea

Where there may be a requirement for bulk shipping of large loads, we are able to arrange these goods to travel by sea. This is best suited to very large consignments that have no specific time requirements. It may also be an option for goods that can not be carried by air.

General Information for Shipping

BBA international parcels sent by Airfreight do have certain size and weight restrictions that apply. Certain commodities may be prohibited or restricted due to customs regulations.

EU Destination – Shipments being sent to EU Member countries do not require invoices for customs.

Non EU Destinations – Shipments being sent to Non EU countries must be accompanied by a Pro-forma or Commercial invoice. Details that should be included are listed below under “Invoice Requirements”. We can supply a template invoice to be completed by you upon request.

The invoice details required by customs around the world differ greatly and change without notice. By following our guidelines you will be complying with most customs requirements.

Failure to complete the correct documentation will either delay or render the export impossible. In these circumstances shipments will be held or returned and could incur additional charges.

There are no export taxes, duties or levies in force on goods exported from the EU. However, there may be import duties to pay in the country of destination, BBA accepts no responsibility for any such charges.

BBA are unable to send personal effects or gifts to non EU countries.

For more information on export procedures visit the HM Customs & Excise website at www.hmce.gov.uk or telephone 0845 0109000.

Invoice Requirements

In order to comply with customs regulations, invoices must be supplied on the shipper’s letter-headed paper and must include the following information:

  • Shipper’s name, address and telephone number.
  • Receiver’s name, address and telephone number.
  • Shipper’s VAT number
  • Quantity of each item shipped Invoice number and invoice date.
  • Country of origin.
  • Total value of goods on invoice (zero will not be accepted) and currency .
  • The invoice must be signed & dated.
  • Every shipment with a value of £ 600 or above requires the Commodity Code for each item to be shown on the invoice.
  • Full description of each item. This should be understandable for non-specialists. (Descriptions such as Printed matter, or Catalogue & Part numbers are not sufficient)

We can supply a template invoice to assist you with these requirements upon request.